June 2020: 5th Annual Karmuka Yoga Workshop Series Integrated Techniques

Karmuka Yoga: YBR Neck

After months of isolation and the resulting stress in mind and body, don´t miss this great opportunity that to release, re-align and learn from Michelle Goodrick . After finishing various trainings during the quarentine in Yamuna and Iyengar techniques, Michelle will guide students in the transformative techniques of Yamuna Body Rolling and cementing the work with the precise practice and instruction of Karmuka Yoga. Working from the bone, both will teach how to align the entire skeletal structure, release tension and pain while increasing mobility in just one session. 

What is Yamuna Body Rolling?

Karmuka Yoga Thoracic SpineYamuna Body Rolling is a transformative and pleasurable activity that consists of using the pressure of specialized balls and routines designed to activate, strengthen, release and align all the different layers of both the physical (bone, muscle, fascia) and energetic body. Staring from the bone, the YBR routines follow the structural and energetic logic of the body so that in one session the student experiences greater skeletal alignment, more flexibility and less muscular tension, a relaxed nervous system and more active endocrine system.


What is Karmuka Yoga?

The Karmuka Yoga method is adapted to all levels and is a progressively educative wayKarmuka Yoga Knee of teaching that helps students to achieve the most from their Yoga practice, independent of age or physical limitations. Students are taught how to optimize the skeleton’s arch foundations. These foundations support the spiraling internal motions of movement and breath throughout the body. The precise and personalized instruction of Karmuka Yoga integrates the psychological concepts of embodied cognition by applying mindful attention to alignment, traction and the internal action of Iyengar Yoga, Yamuna Body Logic, Body Rolling and Critical Alignment. In every class, course, workshop and training of Karmuka Yoga the student learns from the inside out how to improve their overall posture and breath as well as increase their flexibility, strength and state of wellbeing. 

What is Body Logic?

Body Logic is the foundation work from which Yamuna Body Rolling was created. While the client lays over cushions, the practitioner uses her elbow to apply pressure to bones, going through the entire skeletal system. The practitioner addresses areas of pain, injury, or discomfort in a very personal way, using pressure and traction to realign affecting the more superficial layers of fascia and muscle into the deeper layers of bone and nervous system. From the sacrum to the feet, from the sacrum to the skull, working from the anterior to the posterior part of the body, in just one session the student will experience a great change in mobility and nervous system functioning. You can see availability for these sessions here.

Norma Goodrick in Tulum, Mexico with Body Logic founder Yamuna Zake


In the photo the right one can easily see the difference between one leg and the other after treating one leg with Yamuna Body Logic with Norma Goodrick. The leg is longer, the foot more open and all the bones more aligned. 

Click here to listen to what others have to say about the the work of Yamuna Body Logic with Norma Goodrick.


Karmuka Yoga Integrated Techniques 2020

Three Part Series

SPECIAL: Get free access for three months to the Karmuka Yamuna Body Rolling Instructional Videos with your reservation

Series 1

13 of March: The pelvic floor, abnominals and your breath: Move from your core. The center of our body affects each part of our health: weakness and tension in this area can cause problems of the spine as well as issues connected with internal organ funcion. Opening and strengthening your core can relieve and correct problems associated with scoliosis, lumbalgia as well as discomfort associated with menstruation and menopause. It is also great for improving digestion, incontinence and fertility.  As well as reducing levels of anxiety and stress. Working around the diagphram both releases emotional tension often held in this area as well as increasing lung capacity. Learn how to use the pressure and traction of Yamuna Body Rolling combined with postures and practices of Hatha Yoga to heal and strengthen yourself from the inside out.

11:00 – 14.30. 

30€ early bird special

38€ at the door

Series 2

27 of June: Feet to Pelvis: Our base of mobility depends on how the feet and pelvis function. The pelvis is the point of support and fulcrum of movement for the entire body. From the there the spine lengthens upwards and the legs extend downward. If there is misalignement or tightness in this area the rest of the body structure will also suffer. Furthermore, misalignment in the feet will translate upwards into misalignment around the ankles, knees and into the pelvis. In this series of workshops Good Yoga and Core Focus will teach how to release tensions around the pelvis, the legs, sitbones and the iliapoas as well as basic foot care and alignment that will translate along the chain of movement thoughout the whole body, aligning misalignment so that you can feel again the joy of movement.

11:00 – 14.30. 

30€ early bird special

38€ at the door

Series 3

27 of June: Shoulders, neck and skull: The majority of neck tension and pain begins
with its connection to the shoulders and their connection to the thoracic spine. A lack of space and alignment in this area often results in a weak or collapsed sternum and rounded shoulders. Due to this closed structure, those who hold this often experience shallow, quick breathing instead of a full complete breath. A full breath is not only important for levels of vitality and energy, it also works to massage and support the entire thoracic spine in 360 degrees from the inside out. Learn how to release tension of the neck, increase shoulder flexibility while improving overall lung capacity, energy levels and posture via the the guided pressure of Yamuna Body Rolling and the aligned postures of Karmuka Yoga

17:00 – 20.30. 

30€ early bird special

38€ at the door


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