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Karmuka Yoga offers evidence based yoga therapy online and in-studio as developed by psychologist, researcher and international Yoga therapist, Michelle Goodrick. Based out of San Luis Potosi, Mexico and available to anyone with internet, the instructor evaluates the individual needs of the student and adapts the corresponding practice. Combining the transformative work of Yamuna Body Rolling with the wisdom of Yoga, it is the most effective way to benefit from Karmuka Yoga therapy.


yamuna body rolling

Starting from the bone

Karmuka yoga courses integrate the fundamentals of Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) to educate and offer a deeper mind-body education for Yoga beginners and advanced practitioners alike. YBR is a transformative technique that works from the bone using specific routines and the pressure from specially designed balls to strengthen bone structure and at the same time release tensions and blockages in the fascia, muscles as well as releasing internal scar tissue, therefore reducing pain, discomfort and improving flexibility in one session. MORE

Clases, Courses & Retreats

In-Studio & Online

Karmuka Yoga can be found online everywhere and in-studio in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, Spain and Switzerland. Meet our teachers HERE. Though many household items can act as tools of perception, it is recommended that students have the following materials available during their practice to fully benefit from each Karmuka Yoga class and Yoga workshop: 1 yoga mat, 2 yoga belts, 2 yoga blankets, 2 yoga blocks, wall space and 1 Yoga chair.



Current research is being conducted by PhD candidate Michelle Goodrick of Karmuka Yoga at the University Autonomo San Luis Potosi, on how yoga influences brain activity, blood chemistry. depression, anxiety and wellbeing. Requirements and information about this project can be found here.  If you would like to participate in this research as a volunteer please contact us at:

Related literature and research on the therapeutic benefits of Yoga can found by visiting the Karmuka Yoga blog.  

Plant Therapy

The nutrients we take in to feed our body and mind are just as important in molding our perception of the world as the way we move and breathe. Through supervised guidance and education the wisdom of yoga is integrated with the powerfully transformative and therapeutic application of plant therapy to provide transformative and long lasting therapeutic effects. Please contact us directly for more information.

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Michelle Goodrick is fascinated by how mindset and movement affects an individual’s state of wellbeing. She is a published author with degrees in both Psychology and Sociology…