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The founder: Michelle Goodrick

Michelle Goodrick

Michelle Goodrick is fascinated by how mindset, breath and movement affects an individual’s state of wellbeing. This is what led her to develop the teaching techniques and discipline of Karmuka Yoga. She is a published author with degrees in Psychology a Masters in Sociology from Trinity College Dublin. She opened and ran her own international practice and training studio in Seville, Spain before re-locating to San Luis Potosi, Mexico where she is pursuing her Doctorate in Engineering and Materials Science (DICIM) at UASLP studying the effects of Yoga on the brain using the innovative neuroimaging technique, Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy ( fNIRS).

She is certified in Yoga (E-RYT 200 & 500 – Rishikesh, India), Clinical Yoga Therapy, Yamuna Body Rolling and studied under senior Iyengar teachers, Jordi Martín in Spain and Billy Konrad in Portugal, where she was invited to work as a Medical Yoga assistant.   She has deepened her knowledge of Yoga Therapy for reducing stress and trauma with Somatic Experience trainings in Barcelona, Spain, Crisis Counseling in Dublin, Ireland, Inner Engineering with Sadh Guru and Reiki levels one and two in Seville, Spain.

Her greatest insights into the power of Yoga therapy and other mind-body modalities have been through alleviating and healing her own pain and that of her students from around the world.  Michelle teaches in-studio Yoga courses in Mexico and online Yoga classes to students in Europe and the U.S.A. Michelle has found through personal experience and the experience of her students that the practical, educative and precise methodology of Karmuka Yoga online and in-studio offers an extremely effective approach to alleviating pain, focusing the mind and reducing stress.

Our collaborators

Norma Goodrick

Norma Goodrick is certified in Yamuna Body Rolling, Foot Fitness, Table Treatment, and the foundational work of Body Logic. Norma is passionate about empowering people to get out of pain through education and the guidance of Yamuna’s work. Norma is a mother of seven and grandmother of 16. Michelle is her fourth child. Working as Aerobic Director for the YMCA, Norma was certified to teach both Stott Pilates and Yoga. While attending fitness conferences and searching for ways to improve the problems that years of pregnancy had created in her own body, she discovered Yamuna Zake. As a Yoga instructor herself, Yamuna’s work emphasized holistic healing. A therapeutic approach that focuses on the bone and using pressure and traction to release areas of restriction and pain. She immediately loved the work and spent many years traveling to New York to train directly under Yamuna Zake. She then integrated this work with the knowledge her daughter Michelle had of psychology and Yoga Therapy to co-create the Karmuka Yoga Method.

Samantha Brianza

Website: www.paripurna.yoga
Languages: English & German
Location: Switzerland

As an adolescent pursuing a career in sports, I injured myself and my performance drastically dropped. A decade later I walked into a Iyengar Yoga Class and soon after I noticed an improvement in my joints, more functional strength and mobility and I didn’t have use a brace anymore. Stunned by this amazing improvement I started to invest more time in Yoga. My current training is as follows:

2018 – 2021Advanced Studies Mentorship- Program with Sn. Iyengar Teacher Billy Konrad
2021 – 2022  Advanced Studies II with Sn. Teacher Billy Konrad
2021 – 2024 Syntropy of Yoga with Dr. Tobias Lotan & Sn. Teacher Billy Konrad
2015 – currently Workshops with Sn Teacher Billy Konrad
2015 – 2019  Workshops mit Eyal Shifroni, Willfried Sichel and  Kerstin Katthab

I found that not only did it have positive effects on my body but also on my emotional and psychological landscape and I “see” and understand my reactions towards external stimuli with more clarity and awareness. I know of the benefits that practicing Yogaasana and Pranayama can have, as I have experienced those benefits first and foremost within myself. If you are looking for a these kind of benefits, I can support you by serving your as a guide, helping you to walk and understand the integral path of Yoga.

Trikonasana Supports

María del Mar Sánchez

Maria Del Mar Sanchez
Whatsapp: +34 678903900
Languages: Spanish
Location: Sevilla, Spain

M del Mar Sánchez has sixteen years of experience in holistic and integrative therapy where the human being is the point of connection between physical, mental and emotional well-being. Passionate about exercise and physical movement since childhood, nature lover she has a deep connection with the animal kingdom.

In 2016 she discovered the benefits of Yoga in her own body, overcoming different physical and emotional injuries. This made her inquire about the science of Yoga by training with Michelle Goodrick and Diana Rojas in 2019, completing the 300-hour teacher training.

To this day she continues to deepen her studies. She teaches Yoga classes in Seville, in addition to collaborating with the Association of Women for Equality AMIGA, giving workshops subsidized by the City of Seville focused on Emotional Management with Yoga. She integrates therapies such as reflexology, massage based on physical and energetic alignment, aromatherapy and other techniques to support recovery

She aims to share ‘the magic of yoga’ in order to teach people how to be responsible for their well-being and and enable them to be free.

Diana C. Rojas Vayus Founder of Diana Vayus Yoga La Rinconada

Diana Vayus has practiced Yoga for more than twenty years and guided classes for more than ten years. She is now teaching online Yoga therapy for stress. She seeks to teach the real essence of the body, mind, and soul union. She has extensive knowledge in modifying the practice of Yoga to meet the needs and levels of each student and uses props to accomplish this. Diane is a pioneer in introducing the practice of Yoga to La Rinconada Sports Board and is a YOGA Teacher Trainer. She has been on the faculty of prestigious Yoga Training Schools in Andalucia. Diane is skilled at adapting Yoga practice to make it accessible to each student.online Yoga therapy for stress

You can read more of Diana and her lessons HERE.

Beatriz Machado
Profesora de Yoga: Agarasuka Yoga Terapéutico

Ha estudiado Derecho e Historia en la Universidad de la República, Uruguay, donde nació, allí tuvo su primer contacto con el Yoga Sivananda en los años 90. Pero fue en 2013 viviendo en Florencia, cuando profundiza en el estudio de la Filosofía y cambia totalmente su estilo de vida, profundizando con estudios de meditación, Yoga Nidra, psicología y educación en el área deportiva y coaching nutricional. En 2019 realiza formación de Yoga terapéutico con Michelle Goodrick, encauzando con firmeza su vocación de transmitir dicho conocimiento a sus alumnos. Enfocada a tratar de ayudar a canalizar las emociones y traumas que van dejando huella en el cuerpo y mente. Sus clases son muy variadas, según lo que necesite el grupo o cada alumno (dinamismo o quietud), mezcla de asanas adaptadas con soportes y meditación guiada. Actualmente imparte clases presenciales en zonas del Aljarafe Sevillano y continúa formación con Michelle Goodrick. Contáctate con ella @yoga_terapeuticoagarasukha.