About us

The founders: Michelle Goodrick and Norma Goodrick

Michelle Goodrick

Michelle Goodrick is fascinated by how mindset and movement affects an individual’s state of wellbeing. She is a published author with degrees in both Psychology and Applied Sociology.

Michelle put the theories of embodied consciousness to practice by exploring her own mind-body challenges when she left academia to study Hatha Yoga in India. Michelle has found through personal experience and the experience of her students that the Karmuka Yoga method offers an extremely effective and practical approach to alleviating pain, focusing the mind and reducing stress.

About us - Karmuka Yoga
About us - Karmuka Yoga
About us - Karmuka Yoga

Norma Goodrick

Norma Goodrick is certified in Yamuna Body Rolling, Foot Fitness, Table Treatment, and the foundational work of Body Logic. Norma is passionate about empowering people to get out of pain through education and the guidance of Yamuna’s work.

Norma is a 63 year old mother of seven and grandmother of 15. Michelle is her fourth child. Working as Aerobic Director for the YMCA, Norma was certified to teach both Stott Pilates and Yoga. While attending fitness conferences and searching for ways to improve the problems that years of pregnancy had created in her own body, she discovered Yamuna Zake. Yamuna’s work emphasized holistic healing—focusing on the bone and using pressure and traction to release areas of restriction and pain. She immediately loved the work and spent many years traveling to New York to train directly under Yamuna Zake.

Our teachers

About us - Karmuka Yoga
Diana C. Rojas Vayus
Founder of Diana Vayus Yoga La Rinconada

Diana Vayus has practiced Yoga for more than twenty years and guided classes for more than ten years. She seeks to teach the real essence of the body, mind, and soul union. She has extensive knowledge in modifying the practice of Yoga to meet the needs and levels of each student and uses props to accomplish this. Diane is a pioneer in introducing the practice of Yoga to La Rinconada Sports Board and is a YOGA Teacher Trainer. She has been on the faculty of prestigious Yoga Training Schools in Andalucia. Diane is skilled at adapting Yoga practice to make it accessible to each student.

You can read more of Diana and her lessons HERE.

About us - Karmuka Yoga
Maya Jacobs
Karmuka Yoga teacher

Maya is from Chicago, Illinois and has been practicing Yoga since 2016. She completed the 200-hour Yoga teacher training with Michelle Goodrick and Diane Rojas in 2018. She continues to study the science of Yoga under the direction of Michelle Goodrick, director of Karmuka Yoga and has completed an additional 100 hours of training in the Karmuka Yoga International Center. Practicing Yoga has challenged her to find strength and stability in her flexibility and has deepened her self-awareness and focus on body alignment and structure. Additionally, Yoga has connected her with a wonderful international community and helped her truly feel at home in Seville. With instruction in both English and Spanish, she hopes to share a sense of belonging and well-being with her students.