Online Yoga Classes & Courses

Join Online Yoga Classes to Stay Healthy and Feel Good no matter where you are!

Karmuka Yoga offers live instruction in our online Yoga classes, courses and workshops. These are led by Yoga expert and therapist Michelle Goodrick. Greater mobility, strength, flexiblity, focus and a deep sense of inner peace and contentment is achieved through precise and personalized Yoga instruction and mind/body education.

Transformative Yoga Education In our group online yoga classes, our experts teach yoga in order to improve posture, maximize flexibility and transform body awareness. This is accomplished via the integration of the innovative and powerful techniques of Yamuna Body Rolling, Iyengar Yoga adaptations, and the personalized, educative method of Karmuka Yoga. In our online Yoga workshops and online Yoga classes we teach students to feel the internal actions that create bone, muscle, and nerve alignment. Due to the continues live feedback and instruction during these online Yoga classes, in a single session, students feel a huge difference. In addition our online yoga therapy sessions offer a number of even more in depth Yoga benefits.

Enjoy the proven and ancient the benefits of Yoga from anywhere Yoga has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. It is now practiced around the world because it is an effective and powerful way of enhancing overall wellbeing. Now, thanks to technology, these benefits can be felt in the comfort of your own home. By the end of any one of the live online yoga classes, students feel calmly energized and relaxed. The entire body feels strengthened, energy levels are increased and an improvement in health experienced. Yoga is a discipline which helps the student to feel a greater peace of mind, increased sense of inner wellbeing and an amazing enthusiasm for life.

Yoga for beginners to advanced practitioners Yoga postures can boost flexibility, elasticity, strength, stability, and coordination. Karmuka Yoga is continually exploring and adapting yoga postures to all body types and capabilities. Instruction is provided and various yoga props and guidance from the work of great teachers like Iyengar and Yamuna, are used to gently move an individual out of their comfort zone and into a new experience of space and energy. With the connection of the breath and yoga posture, Karmuka yoga students start to notice tight spots and tension dissolving away into fresh new energy. The practice of Karmuka Yoga allows more energy to flow through the entire mind and body complex by focusing upon both alignment and breath.

Experience the transformation for yourself By joining our online yoga courses, you can experience for yourself how each Yoga Posture becomes an act of meditation. Meditating and focusing upon the internal actions of each Yoga pose assists people to rest the mind and relieve the bodies’ physical, mental as well as nervous tensions.

The benefits of joining our live online yoga classes are many and each practice is personalized and therapeutic in quality. Students join our classes for many reasons; for stress relief, insomnia, back and neck issues, sciatica, joint pain, headaches, digestive problems, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, general stiffness, menopausal symptoms, PMS, pregnancy etc. It never ceases to amaze us how many other benefits are experienced by both our teachers and students! Join our classes, courses and Yoga retreats to experience an effective and practical approach to alleviating pain, focusing the mind and reducing stress.

Karmuka Yoga offers personalized attention. This is why space is limited. If you are interested in reserving your place in our classes, upcoming workshops and retreats, simply get in touch with us today!