Karmuka Yoga Therapy and Private Lessons

In Karmuka Yoga Therapy sessions the needs of each individual student is assessed and each practice is tailored accordingly. Therapeutic Yoga techniques researched by the Paramanand Institute of Yoga and Science Research, Dr. Peter Levine (Somatic Experience), B.K.S. Iyengar as well as great mind-body workers like Yamuna Zake and Eric Frankel are integrated to help release and realign the whole skeleton structure, target specific problem areas as well as balance the nervous system. The personalized attention of the Yoga Therapy sessions and private Yoga lessons facilitates noticeable improvement in posture, breath, joint stability, quality of sleep, mood and increased mental focus, flexibility and strength. Using these methods, students often feel relief from pain, stress and tension. Karmuka Yoga´s positive and attentive approach as well as endless enthusiasm empowers students and puts them on the fast track to overall health and improvement.If you would like to schedule a Yoga Therapy session or private Yoga lesson, please click here to make an appointment.

Karmuka Yoga Therapy & Private Lessons - Karmuka Yoga

Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR)

Restrictions in the joints often create pain and injury. The practitioner addresses areas of pain, injury, or discomfort in a very personal way, using pressure and traction to realign the whole body. Starting from the foundation of the bone, Yamuna Body Rolling utilizes the pressure of a ball and traction to open up these restrictions, strengthen bone structure and facilitate healing. The emphasis is education, and the ball guides the body in the educational process.

Karmuka Yoga Therapy & Private Lessons - Karmuka Yoga

Foot Fitness

Our feet are our foundation and affect the whole body. Knee and hip problems often begin in the feet. Using Foot Wakers and Foot Savers, foot fitness education will teach you to reeducate your feet to better support your body when standing and move through the whole foot when walking. Many foot problems such as neuromas, bunions, hammer toes, and plantar fasciitis can be prevented or improved with regular practice.

Karmuka Yoga Therapy & Private Lessons - Karmuka Yoga

Table Treatment

Table Treatment is hands on ball rolling. In Yamuna Body Rolling, the ball provides the pressure, and the body position provides the traction. In Table Treatment, the client lies on a table while the practitioner provides the traction and uses the ball for pressure. Knee and shoulder issues respond very well to this treatment.

Karmuka Yoga Therapy & Private Lessons - Karmuka Yoga


Using the forms of Yoga Asana (Physical Posture) students are taught how to optimize the skeleton’s 6 main arch foundations to achieve overall stability, flexibility and strength. Yoga Asana is modified and adapted to each student and their unique challenges. The main focus is on student empowerment and personalized attention.


Dr. Omanand (Guruji)says that meditation is health. Western science has proven the psychological and physiological benefits of Yoga mediation and Yoga breath work. During a Karmuka Yoga Therapy session, depending upon the needs and interests of each individual, various methods are utilized to help the student enjoy these benefits.