Karmuka Yoga in Collaboration with Yoga Babylon

Yoga Training & Certification

Our goal is to teach how to adapt Yoga Asana (posture) Pranayama (breath) and Meditation to each students capacity  and to create yoga teachers who are capable of thinking critically in order to resolve questions as they that arise for each individual yoga students interests and needs.


EXPERIMENTAL YOGA ANATOMY: Using external props to explore the connections and the importance of alignment that exist between bones, muscle, joints and breath within the actions and movement of Yoga Asana.

YOGA KURUNTA: : A very powerful technique to help students understand how to practice Yoga Asana correctly and with stability using ropes anchored to the wall.

YOGA THERAPY : Learn how to teach and practice Yoga Asana independent of physical condition, flexibility or level using Yoga props such as: blocks, belts, chairs, blankets and bolsters.

PRACTICAL AND PERSONALIZED PRACTICE: Students are required to participate in the applied and personalized practice of the course. 50% of the these hours can be completed via recorded video at the students convenience.


Start date? Starts September 2021

Who is the trainer? Michelle Goodrick



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