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Karmuka Yoga

It is all about SPACE.

Karmuka Yoga is a professional yoga therapy online and in-studio focused on the science of movement and wellbeing. It is built upon the concept that pain and discomfort stem from a lack of space surrounding the 6 main arches (KARMUKAS) of the skeletal structure. Through precise and personalized instruction of Yoga poses, students learn how to experience and enjoy innumerable Yoga benefits. Evidence based techniques, Iyengar Yoga methods, Mindfullness and Yamuna Body Rolling are integrated to reduce pain, stiffness, stress and anxiety. In just one in-studio or online Yoga session, Karmuka Yoga students experience a noticeable increase in mobility, strength, wellbeing and energy.

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Home - Karmuka Yoga

Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR)

Starting work from the bone

The Karmuka in-studio and online Yoga courses, trainings, workshops and online Yoga therapy sessions integrate the foundations of Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) to educate and offer a deeper experience of Yoga for beginners to advanced practitioners. YBR consists of using the pressure of specialized balls (not Yoga balls) and routines designed to activate, release and align all the different layers the physical and energetic body. Starting from the bone, the YBR routines follow the structural and energetic logic of the body so that in one session the student experiences greater skeletal alignment, more flexibility and less muscular tension, a relaxed nervous system and more active endocrine system.

Home - Karmuka Yoga

Yamuna Body Logic

Realign the body through traction and pressure

Yamuna Body Logic is the foundation work from which Yamuna Body Rolling was created.The practitioner uses her elbow to apply pressure to bones, going through the entire skeletal system. The Yamuna Body Logic practitioner addresses areas of pain, injury, or discomfort in a very personal way, using pressure and traction to realign the whole body. It is suggested, though not necessary, that the client have some prior experience with Yoga, body work or body rolling.

Home - Karmuka Yoga

Yamuna Table Treatment

A personalized treatment

Yamuna Table Treatment is hands on ball rolling. In Yamuna Body Rolling, the ball provides the pressure, and the body position provides the traction. In Yamuna Table Treatment, the client lays on a table while the practitioner provides the traction and uses the Yamuna ball for pressure. Knee and shoulder issues respond very well to this form of therapy session.

Home - Karmuka Yoga

Kurunta Yoga

Yoga with ropes

In Yoga classes as well as in Yoga workshops, Yoga courses and Yoga trainings, when available, Karmuka Yoga works with ropes firmly anchored to the wall. With the ropes of Kurunta Yoga the students enjoy a great sensation of traction and stability while practicing Yoga postures. Kurunta Yoga acts as an excellent support for all forms of Yoga postures but especially for Yoga back bends and Yoga inversions because they remove pressure from the lower and cervical spine. With the support of Kurunta Yoga, students are able to maintain the poses for longer periods of time and deepen their understanding of internal action within Yoga postures increasing the Yoga benefits of this Yoga therapy approach.

Home - Karmuka Yoga

Vinyasa Yin Yoga

Relieving stress through the flow of Vinyasana and Yin Yoga

Led by Yoga alliance instructor Diana Vayus, enjoy online Yoga class using the rhythm of breath to guide movement and increase fluidity of Yoga poses. On the Yoga mat Explore how breathing guides fluid movement in order to reach the stable base of yoga posture. These Yoga classes interlace vinyasa sequences with elements of Yin and Yang online Yoga therapy which include the use of Yoga blocks and longer lasting Yoga stretches. This mobilizes joints, releases tension from the body, improves flexibility and develops muscle tone. There are modifications for all levels. Yoga for beginners. We ALWAYS end in a sweet deep relaxation. It requires a moderate level of effort and is suitable for any body without severe injuries or conditions.You can see Yoga videos with Diana on her Yoga Youtube channel.

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Home - Karmuka Yoga

Foot Fitness

Taking care of the feet, the base of our structure

Our feet are our foundation and affect the whole body. Knee and hip pain often begin in the feet.Using Yamuna Foot Wakers and Yamuna Foot Savers, the student is taught how to better support their body when standing and in Yoga postures. Karmuka Yoga students are taught how to move through the whole foot when walking. Many painful foot problems such as neuromas, bunions, hammer toes, and plantar fasciitis can be prevented or improved with regular practice.

Home - Karmuka Yoga

The Center

All Karmuka Yoga online Yoga classes and online Yoga therapy sessions are located near you in the heart of your own home. No matter where you are in the world. Maybe in England, Spain, Mexico or the U.S.A! You can enjoy the personalized and detailed Yoga instruction in English or Spanish that has always made the Karmuka Yoga method so unique and effective. We recommend that students have the following materials available during their practice to fully benefit from each class and workshop: yoga mat, 2 yoga belts, 2 yoga blankets, 2 yoga blocks and 1 Iyengar Yoga chair.

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Home - Karmuka Yoga

Reduced Groups

Experience our unique yoga therapy approach and receive the attention and support necessary to help correct misalignment while adapting each Yoga posture to your needs and capacities.

Home - Karmuka Yoga

Posture Correction

Yoga for good posture. Get educated on the internal and external Yoga stretches and movements necessary to achieve the benefits of a stable and relaxed posture. Relieve pain and discomfort. Prevent future injuries.

Home - Karmuka Yoga

Mind-Body Integration

We integrate the research of therapy and psychology surrounding Yoga postures and breath awareness to relieve stress from the body and mind. Join our Yoga classes today to experience the therapeutic Yoga benefits of yoga for depression, anxiety, stress and tension.

Home - Karmuka Yoga

Material & Props

Whether you are taking Yoga classes online in London, Spain, U.S.A or anywhere else in the world, it is necessary to have the following Yoga materials: Yoga mats, Yoga blankets, Yoga blocks and Yoga belts. Yoga bolsters, Iyengar Yoga chair, and Yamuna Body Rolling material are required for specialized Karmuka Yoga courses.

Home - Karmuka Yoga


Deepen your comprehension and practice of Yoga. Enroll in our professional online yoga teacher training. Integrate Yoga philosophy, the practice of Yoga postures, breath and meditation with western science while enjoying an interactive experience for adapting and modifying poses. Certified Yoga Alliance teachers training.

About Us

Michelle Goodrick

Michelle Goodrick is fascinated by how mindset and movement affects an individual’s state of wellbeing. She is a published author with degrees in both Psychology and Sociology...

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Norma Goodrick

Norma Goodrick is certified in Yamuna Body Rolling, Foot Fitness, Table Treatment, and the foundational work of Body Logic. Norma is passionate about empowering people to get out of pain through education and the guidance of Yamuna’s work...

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«Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul, create the symphony of life.»

B.K.S Iyengar

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Transformation through Yoga education:Learn techniques to quickly improve your posture and relieve pain as you deepen your awareness and increase levels of well-being. In-Studio. Online Yoga Therapy & Classes.

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