YOGA RETREAT Bolonia, Spain

Karmuka Yoga Ocean Retreat

January 2022

During the weekend of January 14-16th 2022 in southern Spain, enjoy three days and two night Karmuka Yoga Retreat  + Yamuna Body Rolling in the healing ocean retreat space of  La Laguna in Bolonia, Spain. Give yourself time to detox from the holidays as well as from the stress and trauma of a long year of lockdowns and Covid fears.

Retreat from screens and technology as you immerse yourself in the great beauty of the coastline of Spain and fill your lungs with clean ocean air. Through education and the Karmuka Yoga therapeutic methodology, RESET your entire nervous system. Provide your mind and body with new space. Let go of the old year and generate a new perspective.  Reset and enjoy an experience of great peace and expansion.  

Align mind, body and spirit with Yoga Asana, Yamuna Body Rolling, Pranayama (BreathWork) and Meditation + the option of hiking and exploring the power of cold water therapy. 

Friday the 14th of January:

Karmuka Yoga + YBR 18.30 – 21.30


Saturday the 15th of January:

Optional: ‘Cold water therapy’ – the power of breath and cold.


Karmuka Yoga + YBR 11.30- 14.30


Karmuka Yoga + YBR 18.30- 21.30


Sunday the 16th of January:


Karmuka Yoga + YBR 11.00 – 13.00


Location: La Laguna – Bolonia, Spain

🙌 LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE  🧘 25% Early bird discount 🙌

RESERVATIONS: 155 euros (non-refundable).

*Complete payment is due before December 14th 2021

Retreat Price (Double Room): 395 euros (All Inclusive)

🙌 25% Early bird discount. Reserve BEFORE November 14th 2021 =  297 euros 🙌


Retreat Price (Individual Room): 440 euros (All Inclusive).

🙌  25% Early Bird Discount. Reserve BEFORE November 14th 2021 = 330 euros🙌

Private yoga therapy sessions and instruction available with reservation.


    • Accommodation 
    • Food
    • Instruction and materials*
    • Optional Hiking
    • Optional cold water therapy and breath practice


Reservation deposits and complete payments will be fully refunded if the event is canceled.


Bolonia, Spain

14-16 January

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