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When a student first begins the practice of Karmuka Yoga it is common to feel both amazed and overwhelmed by the breadth of new information and sensation that they begin to experience. However, with discipline and practice it becomes apparent that the internal actions of the most basic forms of Yoga Asana are repeated again and again in the more complicated forms.

Coming to understand this somatic experience of internal action of spirals and arches enables a student to perform Yoga Asana with greater stability and enjoyment. This results in a deeper better breath and internal awareness. Consequently this internal awareness helps to calm the nervous systems, reduce levels of stress and enable the disciplined student be more effective and aware in their daily activities and interactions. Read more about the importance of arches and spirals in Yoga Asana and everyday movement HERE.

This is an ideal class for anyone who:

  • Wants to start Karmuka Yoga classes
  • Has a lot of stiffness or lack of stability
  •  Is recovering from injury or experiencing restrictions in  mobility
  • Desires a more therapeutic yoga approach
  •  Wants to clarify their understanding of the inner actions of Yoga Asana

Come and feel for yourself and in your own body the power of Karmuka Yoga by signing up for the Karmuka Yoga Foundations course beginning October 7th 2021.




May - July 2021

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