JAN 2022: Hands, Feet, Yoga Asana + YBR – Lisbon, Portugal

Learn how to connect the extremities of the hands into the scapula and spine as well as the feet up into the pelvis to enjoy greater stability and ease in the powerful and transformative forms of Yoga Asana.

Asana means stable seat. The basis of that stability is found in connecting the external limbs of the hands and feet with the internal work of the arms and legs to create space and expansion through the center line of the ribcage and spine.

This will be a workshop that will benefit everyone as the focus will be upon educating the mind and body to move and perceive action internally, rather than simply focusing upon external alignment of the bones and joints. To help in this somatic perception of internal action the powerful and transformative work of Yamuna Body Rolling will be integrated into the process and practice of Yoga Asana.


Lisbon, Portugal

January 29, 2022

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Hands Feet Yoga Lisbon Portugal workshop

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