Karmuka Yoga Myofascial Release – Neck & Shoulders – 2022

Shoulders, neck and skull: The majority of neck tension and pain begins with its connection to the shoulders and their connection to the thoracic spine. A lack of space and alignment in this area often results in a weak or collapsed sternum and rounded shoulders. Due to this closed structure, those who hold this often experience shallow, quick breathing instead of a full complete breath.

A full breath is not only important for levels of vitality and energy, it also works to massage and support the entire thoracic spine in 360 degrees from the inside out. Under the guidance of Michelle Goodrick learn how to release tension from the bone, through the muscle into the myofascia. Letting go of pain and discomfort around the neck, increase shoulder flexibility while improving overall lung capacity, energy levels and posture via the the guided pressure of Yamuna Body Rolling and the aligned postures of Karmuka Yoga

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San Luis Potosi Mexico

25 of JUNE

Who is the teacher?
Michelle Goodrick

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