Karmuka Yoga: See you in Class!

With the upheaval surrounding the COVID-19 quarantine, the future of the Karmuka Yoga center is in jeopardy and´See you in September´ has become uncertain. This is why I am reaching out to you. I want to ensure that the students of Karmuka Yoga center will have a space where we can come together after the summer and see each other in September. 

I greatly appreciate all of you who have contributed through your online practice, but sadly the income has not been enough to cover the studio rent and utilities which I am still obligated to pay in full. 

Because of this situation, I am turning to you with the idea of crowdfunding. In order to have a space to come together in September I need to reach a minimum contribution of 3,000 euros through the gofundme platform. I recognize that any help you give is a sacrifice, and no amount of OM or Namaste could express how deeply grateful I am. TOGETHER and with a your help, we can keep this dream alive and the Karmuka Yoga center open here in Seville. 

 Thank you infinitely,




Get direct access to the library of Karmuka Yoga videos as well at the opportunity to learn from experts in Yamuna Face Fitness, Body Rolling, Body Logic, Yin Yoga and Ayurveda. All students are encouraged ask the teachers whatever doubts you might have to continue your practice with clarity and security. If you are not signed up and you would like to have access to the all the videos of Karmuka Yoga ONLINE, please sign up here or by bank transfer than put yourself into contact with us to get the access code! 

Private Classes ONLINE: Through whatever format that works best for Google Chat, FaceTime, WhatsApp). 35 euros una sesión.

ZOOM Yoga Classes ONLINE: Every Thursday at 19.00. 15 euros a session or 35 for the month.


Yoga Classes in the Karmuka Yoga Studio


Monday and Wednesday: 18.30, 20.00 and 21.30

July 1 -14 2020

Monday – Thursday

20.00 and 21.30


Yoga in the Park Magallenas

Saturdays at 09.00

Contacta us to reserve your spot!



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