Neck, Shoulder and Breath YBR Workshop ONLINE

Today one of the most common complaints from people revolves around neck and shoulder pain.The modern day habit of spending hours in front of a screen is probably the main culprit behind shoulder and neck pain as well as stress and it´s effect on the body at a physiological, emotional and energetic level.Combining the work of Yamuna Body Rolling with Yoga Asana offers much more than pain relief than with Yoga alone. The benefits that one will experience by opening neck and shoulders is varied, expansive and nothing but positive. If you are interested in getting rid of neck and shoulder pain as well as enjoying a full and complete breath don´t wait to reserve your place in the upcoming Karmuka Yoga Neck, Shoulders and Breath Workshop the 7th of November 2021 where Yamuna Body Rolling and Yoga techniques will be used to help open up the entire ribcage and respiratory system while alleviating neck and shoulder pain so that you can enjoy all the benefits that a full and complete breath can bring. RESERVATIONS 18€

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Feb 7th 2021

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