March 2021 Karmuka Yoga Advanced Workshop ONLINE

Yoga Asana: Your energy, emotions and the vagus nerve.

Release tension and increase in strength and flexibility while improving your energy levels and state of being by opening the entire thoracic spine and activating the vagus nerve. 

The Asanas (postures) of Yoga that involve backbends and inversions activate the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve has a direct effect on our emotions and energy levels. With the various techniques that Karmuka Yoga uses, you will become aware of the correct sensation that should be experienced in these powerful poses. Students will create  space and movement in restricted areas and at the same time, poses will be modified for the level of each student so that their benefits can be enjoyed without causing harm in the neck or lower spine.

If you want to learn more about how to correctly execute backbends and inversions in a way that aliviares neck and shoulder tension while stabilizing the lower spine, increasing strength, flexibility and energy levels – you don’t want to wait to reserve your space in this highly popular workshop of Karmuka Yoga the 27th of February 2021



March 20th

Who is the teacher?
Michelle Goodrick

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