March-April 2020: 5th annual Karmuka Yoga Workshop Series Seville

 March/April 2019 Karmuka Yoga + Kurunta Yoga + Yamuna Body Rolling. Integrated Techniques Workshop Series.

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Don´t miss this great oppurtunity to learn from the great teacher and healer, Norma Goodrick, co-founder of Karmuka Yoga. Norma is certified in Pilates, Yoga, Yamuna Body Rolling,Yamuna Body Logic and has more than 20 years of international exerience integrating these disciplines into her work as both private practioner and group teacher.

Working with her daughter, Michelle Goodrick of Karmuka Yoga, both will teach how to take care of oneself, reduce and remove chronic pain or tightness from your feet to the top of the skull in the 5th Annual Seville workshops of Integrated Techniques: Karmuka Yoga and Yamuna Body Rolling. In each workshop series Michelle and Norma will guide students in the work of Yamuna Body Rolling and then take them through various Hatha Yoga poses to stregthen the mind-body connection of what it feels like to be aligned and move without pain and with ease.

Workshop I: From the feet to the pelvis

Workshop II: The neck, shoulders and the skull

Workshop II: The Core: abdominales, pelvic floor, breath and digestion 

WorkshopIV: Deep and detailed work of the feet and hands and their connection to the spine 

SPECIAL OFFER: Reserve your place in more than one workshop and receive a 25% discount off the total price.

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14, 21 March & April 4

Who is the teacher?
Michelle and Norma Goodrick

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