February Karmuka Yoga Workshop: The pelvis, your spine and vital energy

Start the new year with youthful energy and greater mobility in the Karmuka Yoga Feb. 12th pelvis and spine workshop. This workshop will focus on freeing up the entire pelvis-the nucleus of movement and vital energy, and its connection to the spine. We will work from the depth of the bone out through muscle and fascia with the technique of Yamuna Body Rolling, Kurunta Yoga and Karmuka Yoga.

During the aging process, due to the weight of gravity and bad postural habits our pelvis begins to close in on itself. The result of a closed pelvis is a curved and unhealthy spine. The pelvis and spine are deeply connected. The spine grows out and connects the two parts of the posterior part of the pelvis. It is for this reason that when the pelvis begins to lose its flexibility and width, the spine suffers as well.

An open and flexible pelvis automatically results in a healthy, happy spine which results in a sensation both inside and out, of feeling younger as you experience greater mobility, less pain and more energy. You can read HERE more about your own internal fountain of youth and its deep connection to the mobility of your pelvis and spine. 


Michelle Goodrick

12 FEB

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Michelle Goodrick

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