Feet-Pelvis : 1st part Series Karmuka Yoga 2020

Our base of mobility depends on how the feet and pelvis function. The pelvis is the point of support and fulcrum of movement for the entire body. From the there the spine lengthens upwards and the legs extend downward. If there is misalignement or tightness in this area the rest of the body structure will also suffer. Furthermore, misalignment in the feet will translate upwards into misalignment around the ankles, knees and into the pelvis.

In this first series of workshops Michelle Goodrick, with her mom, the GREAT HEALER AND TEACHER,  Norma Goodrick, will teach how to release tensions around the pelvis, the legs, sitbones and the iliapoas as well as basic foot care and alignment that will translate along the chain of movement thoughout the whole body, aligning misalignment so that you can release tension down to the bone and feel again the joy of movement.

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14 of March

Who is the teacher?
Michelle and Norma Goodrick

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