Tree of Eden : Karmuka Yoga (Unity) Poems

Tree of Eden

All branches of philosophies, mystics and religiousities

All stemming from the same, unified, trunk of being

Systems and disciplines reduced and expanded

Created and modeled

Written and Spoken

To guide into experience and see

that we have never been seperate from you, from me

From the beginning to the ending, connected, Intricately

To the soil, the sea

The birds, seeds, busy buzzing working bees

One identity

mixed in deeply

with the flowers and the weeds.

As filthy as the germs, the rot and vermin

As deadly as illness, disease and virus



Fearful and grasping,

Only, as we forget repeatedly

To let go

To Breathe in and flow

Surrendering into

the Eternally spinning

persistent existence

Of you

Of me

Climbing and expanding out along Eden ´s tree.

Tree of Eden : Karmuka Yoga (Unity) Poems - Karmuka Yoga

Adho, meaning “downward,” mukha, meaning “facing,” and vrksasana, meaning “tree pose.”

Adho mukha vrksasana is commonly referred to as handstand in English. Balancing in this pose begins in the location of the pelvis and strength in the legs. Press down and expand out through the hands to then shoot that energy up through the back armpit, side ribs, activating the core by lengthening the sacrum and pressing firmly up through the heels and inner big toe. Maintain a spiral action from the back armpit to the hands to create space and width through the shoulder girdle. This width creates greater stability in the pose and space for the spine to lengthen and all the internal organs to relax from the pull of gravity.

Due to its upside down nature, Adho mukha vrksasana correctly can improve balance and circulation, promotes digestion, aids in heart health. When action is maintained from hands all the way up through the feet it also strengthens the spine, the core, shoulders, hands, wrists and bones.

Practicing this energizing Yoga pose helps to:

  • Clear Brain Fog
  • Increase Energy
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Improves emotional balance and stability
  • Supports mental strength
  • Relieves fear
  • Promotes energy flow to the head
  • Improves clarity of thought

Adho mukha vrksasana also activates sahasrara (crown chakra), located on top of the head where it is also associated with the pituitary and pineal glands. The two master glands of the endocrine system.

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