Yin Yan Workshop January 2022


Reset and realign mind, body and spirit for the New Year with this very special Karmuka Yoga Yin Yang workshop.

Enjoy and deepen your own perception of mind, movement and breath with the work and education of Yamuna Body Rolling integrated with the support of ropes anchored into the wall (Kurunta Yoga) and other Yoga therapy techniques.

In this Karmuka Yoga Yin Yang workshop students will be taken through an active and dynamic Yang Yoga practice focused on strength, alignment and opening of the solar plexus and heart. This dynamic Yang work will then be balanced with a more Yin Yoga approach with the focus being on stretching and releasing the entire skeletal system with a special emphasis on the area of the pelvis and lower spine. 

Throughout the workshop specific breath practices will be integrated to either increase energy (Yang) or bring about a deeper state of internal observation and relaxation (Yin). 

Limited spots available.
Reserve your place before January 15th 2022 and enjoy the special early bird price of 32 euros.