Online Yoga + YBR Workshop: Digestion and Breath – 2 workshop + FREE video

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Our breath and digestive tract affects every part of our health. Blockages and weaknesses in these areas can cause back problems that manifest as discomfort throughout the entire spine and internal organ system. Opening and releasing this area of the body can alleviate and correct problems of scoliosis, low back pain, aches and pains of menstruation and menopause, digestion, incontinence and fertility, as well as lower levels of anxiety, depression, stress and increase lung capacity.

After a year of lockdowns and the consequential stressful wear and tear upon the body and mind, treat yourself to more energy, more clarity and an overall greater sense of well being by participating in the the two part series of the ONLINE Karmuka Yoga internal organ and breath workshop. Learn to use pressure and traction with Yamuna Body Rolling combined with supported Yoga postures to open, release and align the entire skeletal, respiratory and gastrointestinal system and heal from the inside out. Learn more about your breath and digestion HERE

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL until April 20th 2021.

Students can choose to do one or both of the workshops with the option of gaining access to the recordings of the workshops so they to continue the transformative practice of Yoga +YBR anywhere at anytime.