Digital Payments – Crypto Currency

In an effort to adapt and move into a new world, Karmuka Yoga is now accepting payments for Yoga classes, Yoga courses, Yoga therapy sessions and Yoga retreats with 4 different types of crypto currency:

Bitcoin: bc1q4krr0q9gg2r6pdhuvul30xu3xngepf5evl8gml

Ethereum: 0xd1780cFB2aD0E3791984bD3e5362884833D329Ae

Litecoin: LQTa6t6KFg4Pyjw41HDjooWQgoeviuqGvb

Cardano (ADA):


Choose the activity in which you would like to participate and pay the corresponding cuota with your preferred crypto currency. Send us an email or whatsapp to receive the Zoom link: Namaste 🙂