Advanced Workshop Seville – January 2022


This is a workshop for the experienced Yoga practitioner who is looking to challenge their body and mind while deepening their perception and practice.

A basic understanding of how the hands connect to the spine and how the feet connect to the pelvis will be necessary to be able to enjoy this workshop. If these concepts are unclear than it is recommended that the student attend the Yin Yang workshop being offered on the 22nd of January.

Students will be taken through a dynamic practice of the classic Hatha Yoga standing asanas before being guided into more challenging Yoga poses that will work with the entire skeletal system. Balancing asanas, backbends, twists and inversions will all be explored in this workshop with the help and support of Kurunta Yoga and other Yoga therapy techniques.

Time will also be allotted to dive into the more subtle work of bhanda, pranayama and meditation.

Limited spots available.

Reserve your place before January 15th 2022 and enjoy the early bird discount!



Advanced Workshop Seville - January 2022 - Karmuka Yoga