Karmuka Spine Course

Pain is often the result of HARMFUL HABITUAL MOVEMENTS that cause misalignment in the skeletal structure. These misalignments create BREATH PATTERNS that result in poor oxygen intake, an overactive sympathetic nervous system and high levels of cortisol and adrenaline.

The weekly Karmuka Spine Course in Seville addresses and relieves these root causes of pain, discomfort and stress. The course combines ´the most effective form of stretching´, the work of Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) and Yoga Asana. Starting from the bone, and passing through all the various physical and energetic layers of the body, with specialized balls and routines that follow the structural logic of the body, in one session the student experiments greater skeletal alignment, more flexibility and less muscular tension as well as a relaxed nervous system and a more active endocrine system.

The Karmuka Yoga Spine Course in Seville is a therapeutic course that enables students to feel the healing results of their practice more quickly and effectively than by Yoga Asana alone.






            Release and Align: YYBR Spine Course - Karmuka Yoga

            Where? In Sevilla, España

            When? March 21 - 26 May 2020. Thursday from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

            Who is the teacher? Michelle Goodrick

            Price 85€ + *FIRST CLASS FREE

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            Release and Align: YYBR Spine Course - Karmuka Yoga

            Course structure

            The Karmuka Yoga Spin Course weekly sessions begin with Yamuna Body Rolling to prepare the body and mind for Yoga Asana. Using pressure from a ball and traction from body position, students gain greater body awareness while freeing up the body’s logical system of muscle chains, bones and fascia. Students will immediately observe an improved quality of breath, greater space between joints and internal organs and improved alignment along the spine and skeletal structure. Yoga postures are then practiced that augment this traction, decompression and extension of the entire spinal column and skeletal system.

            Foot work, core strength and decompression of the spine are emphasized in each class.

            Release and Align: YYBR Spine Course - Karmuka Yoga

            Feet. Feet are the base of our posture. Problems in the feet result in problems all the way up the movement chain into the knees, hips and spine.

            Deep core strength is fundamental to stable, pain free movement. It is a common error to focus only on superficial strength (six pack abs) and/or doing exercises that compress the area of the abdominal muscles rather than strengthening them in extension. This compression results in lower back and neck pain. Students of this course will practice STRENGTHENING THE DEEP CORE MUSCLES WHILE DECOMPRESSING THE ENTIRE SPINE, thereby avoiding tension in the neck, shoulders and lower spine.

            Students will then alternate weekly routines focused on the following:

            Release and Align: YYBR Spine Course - Karmuka Yoga
            Hips and legs

            Restrictions along the lower leg bones can cause restrictions in the hip joint resulting in lower back pain, ciática, knee issues, and reduced mobility through the spine. Those who sit for many hours or who practice impact sports will greatly benefit from this work.

            Release and Align: YYBR Spine Course - Karmuka Yoga
            Iliacus/Psoas & Lower spine

            Restrictions in this area can pull on the vertebrae of the lower spine as well as reduce movement and space throughout the entire digestive tract and reproductive organs. With specially designed balls and specific routines, students will feel an instant change in breath and spinal alignment as these muscles are released.

            Release and Align: YYBR Spine Course - Karmuka Yoga
            Neck & Shoulders

            80%-90% of neck pain has its root in poor posture and shoulder restriction. Students of the Karmuka Spine Course will instantly notice a change in breath, neck and shoulder tension by practicing with the appropriate YBR ball and Yoga Asana.

            The only thing that transforms harmful habits into healthy productive action is practice. If you are ready to transform painful habits and live life with greater mobility and less pain, contact Karmuka Yoga and reserve your spot in the upcoming Spine Course and related workshops HERE.

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            "A postural re-education"

            Dr. Rafa Perianez - Back Surgeon


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            Release and Align: YYBR Spine Course - Karmuka Yoga
            Release and Align: YYBR Spine Course - Karmuka Yoga